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Zenith Apartments Receives Historic Preservation Plaque

Duluth DCHS

We are thrilled to announce that Duluth Zenith DCHS Apartments has been awarded a preservation plaque from the esteemed Duluth Preservation Alliance (DPA)! This recognition comes in light of our dedicated efforts to renovate the historic building and preserve its landmark status, preventing it from potential demolition. The DPA, a passionate collective of individuals committed to preserving the region’s historic buildings and items, honored our work at their 43rd Annual Awards Ceremony.

The ceremony, held at the Masonic Temple in downtown Duluth, was a community event attended by approximately 170 people. The evening was filled with heartfelt appreciation for historic preservation, and attendees enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with friends over good food and drinks. We extend our gratitude to the Annual Awards Committee for organizing yet another wonderful event.

Receiving this plaque is a significant milestone for Duluth Zenith DCHS Apartments. It underscores our commitment to preserving the historical character of Duluth while providing modern, comfortable living spaces for our residents. This recognition not only celebrates our efforts but also highlights the importance of preserving the rich architectural heritage of our community.

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the other 2024 DPA award winners. Your dedication to preserving Duluth’s historical character is truly inspiring.

Thank you to the Duluth Preservation Alliance for this honor and for their continued efforts in championing the preservation of our city’s historic treasures. Here’s to many more years of preserving and celebrating Duluth’s unique architectural heritage!

For a full recap of the winners and more information about the Duluth Preservation Alliance, please visit